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 Why Sponsor? 

 First Impressions 


Conejo Valley PRIDE (CVP) started with one person’s dream to meet a long-time need in the Conejo Valley--to create space for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ+) to acknowledge themselves and each other as a vibrant, vital part of the larger community.

2019 will be our 2nd Annual Conejo Valley PRIDE event! A second homecoming, coming out, and outreach event, all in one day, for our beautiful community. We seek Sponsors committed to ensuring the success of this ongoing event not just for 2019, but for years to come! You’ll want to be there with your “welcome” mat properly placed.

 We're a connection to the community 

There is no other event in the area from Los Angeles to Ventura that brings together the Conejo Valley and surrounding communities for one purpose alone, to celebrate PRIDE. Our 2018 festival attracted thousands of people to Thousand Oaks and we strive to do the same in 2019!

Now is the time to put your business/organization in front of this community.

 Your return on Investment 

A survey conducted by the International Events Group, Inc. revealed that 78% of companies agree that participating in festivals have a measurable impact on sales and provide the most conducive environment for marketing. Conejo Valley PRIDE can provide this service for your organization through multiple facets.

 Reach Multiple Generations 

In PRIDE celebrations all along the West Coast, we are seeing a greater number of families, both mainstream and non-traditional, participate in PRIDE celebrations. To accommodate this, the Festival will host entertainers, vendors and resource providers specifically designed to target multiple generations, ages and diverse cultures within the LGBTQ+ and allies community.

 Receive Media Exposure 

Conejo Valley PRIDE will publicize the 2019 Festival with press releases distributed to local area television, radio and newspapers. Print advertisements, the CVP website, and all CVP social media channels will provide our Sponsors with visibility in both LGBTQ+ and mainstream media, according to their donation level.


We look forward to working with your company/organization to maximize your exposure.


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