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Festival Information

Ground Rules & Guidelines

Festival Date and Time

September 28th 2019 10am - 5pm

Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza

2100 Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362



August 31, 2019

5:00pm - Vendor Application & Payment due** (no applications accepted after August 31st)

** We cannot reserve a space or booth for you until all information and payment is received by the above due date

September 28, 2019 

7am - 9pm - Vendor check-in and setup

7am - 9pm - Food Truck check-in and setup

9am (tentative)- County Health Dept inspection of Food Vendors

5pm - 6:30pm - Dismantle and Clean-up

  • Check-in times and booth number assignments  will be communicated to vendors 5-7 days before the event.

  • If you require a lengthy set-up time, please let us know when you submit your application


Booth Space

  • Non-profit and Non-Retail Vendor  (10’ x 10’)

  • For-Profit Vendor  (10’ x 10’)

  • Food Truck 

  • Artist Booth (Original and handmade items)



  • No power needed 

  • Electric/Power Booth


  • Fully Furnished (canopy, table, 2 chairs)

  • Canopy only (10’ x 10”)

  • Table only

  • Two chairs only












To submit payment online, please go to:

To submit payment via check: 


Checks should be made payable to: Diversity Collective Ventura County. Include “Conejo Valley Pride” in the memo line and sent to:

Conejo Valley Pride

Attn: Operations

PO Box 871

Newbury Park, CA 91319

Application Requirements

Please complete these items for your application to be considered complete

All Vendors

  • Application

  • Payment

  • Liability insurance for a vehicle used during the Festival, including coverage for bodily injury and property damage (only if the vehicle will be parked on Festival grounds during Festival hours; e.g. food trucks)

For Profit

  • Items listed above for ALL VendorsPLUS:

  • CA Sellers Permit

  • If you will be paying employees to work in your booth or food truck the day of the festival: Workers’ Compensation insurance as required under California State Law with limits not less than $1,000,000 per accident 


  • Items listed above for ALL Vendors PLUS:

  • IRS Determination letter

Food Vendors

  • Items listed above for ALL Vendors PLUS:

  • CA Sellers Permit

  • Temporary Food Facility Permit (TFF). If NOT registered in Ventura County, you MUST complete a TFF application and get a permit for the day of the Festival:

Food Trucks

  • Items listed above for ALL Vendors PLUS:

  • CA Sellers Permit

  • Mobile Food Facility (MFF) permit. If NOT registered in Ventura County, you MUST obtain a MFF permit for the County:


Additional Information

CALIFORNIA SELLER’S PERMIT ​Mandatory for all vendors selling or taking orders for ​food, drink ​or merchandise. For more information about the California Seller’s Permit, call 800-400-7115 or see​.  If you do not have a permit, please apply for a temporary permit as soon as possible; the application process may take several business days. You must submit a copy of your California Seller’s Permit along with your Booth Application. 


CALIFORNIA SELLER’S PERMIT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR​ NONPROFIT​ ORGANIZATIONS. Instead, please include a copy of your​ IRS Determination letter​ with your application. 



NO REFUNDS ​Once your application has been received and accepted for the event. 



RAIN OR SHINE ​Thousand Oaks​ ​is not a likely place for inclement weather in September, but you should nonetheless be prepared for unlikely weather conditions. Conejo Valley Pride will not cancel this festival due to weather. 


BOOTH SPACE​ ​Once your application has been received with all required materials (including full payment) and been accepted by DIVERSITY COLLECTIVE VENTURA COUNTY, a booth space will be reserved for you ​a​t the Festival. Each space measures 10’ x 10’, and you must confine all of your business to this assigned space. Vendors will be directed to their space o​n​ the morning of the event. You are responsible to set up and subsequently dismantle and remove any tables, booths, or other fixtures that you bring with you. You must complete set-up between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM on the day of the festival, and you must perform all cleanup and dismantling between 5 PM and 6:30 PM (also on the day of the festival). You must return your space to the same condition you found it at the start of the event by 6:30 PM on the same day.  


CANOPY ​DIVERSITY COLLECTIVE VENTURA COUNTY does NOT provide tables, canopies, or chairs. They can be provided for an additional fee, which must be submitted with the Booth Application. Otherwise, vendors are responsible ​to bring their own table, canopy, and chairs.There will not be any extra available on the day of festival.  ​Please note the maximum size allowed for tents/canopies is 10’ x 10’​. 


NO BEVERAGES Only​ food trucks may sell or distribute water, ice or beverages. No one can  sell or distribute any​ ​glass ​containers.


ALCOHOL SALES ​Alcohol sales are not permitted under this application. 


ELECTRICITY ​Electricity will be available upon ADVANCE request. Vendors requiring electricity should state this on the application and be prepared to supply their own heavy duty extension cord(s). 


SANITATION ​All trash must be compacted and disposed of in a dumpster at the close of the event. The trash cans placed around the festival are for festival attendees, not for vendors.


Your application does not guarantee rental space. The application must be completed and all applicable permits, licenses, proof of insurance and payment received before consideration will be given. DIVERSITY COLLECTIVE VENTURA COUNTY reserves the right to decline any application for any reason without explanation.

Please contact with any questions.

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